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Painter of works of art:
Vladimir Ivan Tajc

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Vladimir Tajč (Taich) was born in Bogotá in the 1960s, when groves and streams were the veins through which the life of a city that timidly looked towards modernity flowed. His childhood was spent with his brothers and school friends in games and adventures typical of someone discovering not only the world, but also forming their own inner universe.

Nature, and especially its smell, marked his perception since he was a child, and even in his adulthood, it still transports him to interior places where sensitivity is recognized, self-defined and expressed freely.

Vladimir liked to break away and make original creations with Lego pieces while listening to his father play the piano, accordion or violin. He felt that the melodies enveloped him and fed his childish imagination.

At the beginning of the 80s, Vladimir studied Advertising and later Industrial Design and Ceramics, professions that he combined and that led him on the path of entrepreneurship and independence. He was a ceramist and sculptor and created the first export unit of artisanal products in Colombia with "Proexpo", now Proexport, achieving an important role in the promotion of exports of non-traditional goods and reaching more than 45 countries together with his friend and partner in the United States, Throop Bergh. Vladimir participated in important annual fairs in Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York, Boston, Miami and many other cities.

This experience allowed him to verify the high level and appreciation that Colombian artists have abroad and also helped him open himself to new possibilities and work facets. At the beginning of the new century, he could see the transformation of the world through the interconnectivity of digital media and imagined a promising future through them. He formed Suzona with his friend Mike Anderson, a portal where he gathered, directed and promoted more than 750 artisans from all over the country.

His multifaceted professional career has a direct connection and complements in an indispensable way his family life: Diana, the great love of his youth and his wife, the fundamental pillar of his life project, along with his two children, who are, in his own words, , "his best creation and his great work as a human being." Like his parents, he seeks to leave an indelible mark of courage, effort, honesty and respect on them.

After many years of reaping triumphs and assimilating defeats, Vladimir returns to canvas and oil as a means of expression and creates Emociones y Sentimientos, Planeta Tierra, Planeta Agua, Huellas Abstrakt, a series of individual exhibitions. A retelling of his life and history through pigments and textures that speak for themselves in an abstract, silent and significant language. A reminder to the world that we must protect our planet Earth.

Naturaleza Disipada

Naturaleza Disipada

Autor: Vladimir Ivan Tajc Técnica: Oleo Sobre lienzo Medida: 0.70 cm x 1.20 cm Año: 2020 Valor: 5.038.607 Estado: EN VENTA



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