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Diego Echavarria.jpg

Diego Echavarria


Empresario - Consultor en Marketing y servicio a cliente - MBA Administrador de Empresas

Lina Rúa.jpg

Lina María Rúa H

Quality processes

Business administrator, process management and quality management system.

Alejandro Echavarria Rua.png

Alejandro Echavarria

Google campaign maximizer

Industrial Engineer, Google campaign maximizer, web designer.

Luis Miguel Echavarría Modelo.jpg

Luis Miguel Echavarría


Commercial - Unaula Business Administrator - Courier

Laura Estefanía Rúa.jpg

Laura Estefanía Rúa

Commercial Director

Commercial Director, Purchasing

valentina tabera.jpeg

Valentina Tabera


Commercial - Student Financial Engineering UdeM

Avisos con vinilo reflectivo

Danny Rua

Manufacturer and installer notices

Large format, advertisements

7-Catalina Cadavid - Artista Obras de ar

Catalina Cadavid

Photographer - Art Painter

Art Painter - Photographer


Samantha Martinez


Arquitecta y Diseñadora

Security cameras

Jaime A. Hincapié


Camera technician, cytophony

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