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Marketing of works of art in Medellín.
Online art galleries in Medellín, Gallery of ORIGINAL art SCULPTURES.

Sculptors artists - sculptures works of art

The sculptors you will see below are in alphabetical order by first and last name, click on the sculptor of your interest to see their BIOGRAPHY and SCULPTURES:

Why be on our platform?: The way customers search for products and services in the market today has changed thanks to the internet. Traditional shopping methods have been displaced by online searches. In Latin America, out of 10 people who search, 9 do so on the GOOGLE search engine. Being at the top of Google with your product or service generates effective business contacts, market positioning and brand recall.

When people search: "works of art sculptures in Medellín" or "works of art paintings in Medellín" Grupo Echavarría Rúa is found on the first page of Google. Being with us on our portal generates effective business contacts.

How do we do business? We charge a 15% commission, the client who has the work(s), sends us the photos of them, the measurements, technique used, artist and very important the certificate of authenticity of the work, with the estimated value this. Once the work is sold, the client creates the invoice or collection account if required and pays Grupo Echavarria Rúa the 15% commission.

If the client sells the work through their own means, they must inform Grupo Echavarría Rúa that they have already sold it so that it can be marked as sold and not offered again.

Grupo Echavarría Rúa does not charge any additional money for mounting the work on the platform.

Artist Sculptors - Original Sculptures, Artworks by Famous Sculptors

Original smaller sculptures carved in stone, ideal for gifts or special gifts.

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