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Service of art curator, critical restorer and appraiser of works of art.
Appraisals of works of art, Appraiser of works of art.

1- Curador de Obras de Arte

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"What a curator does is create a connection between the pieces to create something greater than the sum of the individual pieces. The connection of the pieces with a context creates a story, which is how people will ultimately remember the whole "Julius Wiedemann.

A curator or art curator is the person in charge of the "artistic curation of an exhibition show" or of "curating an exhibition." ... This is a professional trained in the set of knowledge that enables the exhibition, valuation, management, preservation and administration of artistic assets.

2- Critical Restorer of Works of Art

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Los restauradores/as, son profesionales especialistas cuyo trabajo es preservar y cuidar a largo plazo los objetos artísticos, objetos culturales y patrimonio mueble e inmueble, tanto público como privado.

3- Appraiser or Appraiser of Works of Art.
Appraisals of works of art

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An experienced appraiser researches and analyzes details related to the work itself, the artist's career background, and current markets and trends before determining how much it is worth.

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