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Manillas para eventos


Handles for tyvek type events

  • Tyvek bracelets are the most used in events that do not last more than 48 hours. They are paper bracelets, made of a material called TYVEK, it is a solid and very resistant paper.
    You can buy your Tyvek bracelets printed with a single ink. Our bracelets come factory numbered with double numbering and a tab that can be detached and used as a control, raffles, etc.

  • Sizes 19 and 25 mm

  • With these Tyvek paper bracelets you can easily and economically control access to events, capacity or simply identify the people who belong to your events. Thanks to their striking colors and printing, they are very easy to identify and stand out in the dark

  • What sizes of Tyvek paper bracelets are there? We have the largest variety of Tyvek wristband sizes on the market. Our intention is to cover the greatest needs of all our clients.

  • 19mm Tyvek Bracelets: This size, along with the 18mm ones, are the most popular for events with children. However, there are also many clients who prefer them for their events, since they are somewhat more discreet than the 25mm ones. Its size is: 24.90 x 19 mm wide

  • Tyvek 25mm bracelets: They are the best-selling bracelets in the TYVEK range, thanks to their size, they are the most striking of all. They are in high demand in nightlife venues, discos, festivals, etc. Its size is: 24.90 x 25 mm wide

Range of colors available Handles for events in Medellín

Some of our images are for reference


Some examples of handles for events in Medellín

Download the template and printing guide here  

Manilla 19mm
Manilla 23 mm

Some of our images are for reference

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