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Gift shop for lovers in med

Gift shop for lovers in Medellín.
Medellín feelings store.
Pre-designed bags already marked and ready to deliver with motifs of special dates, penguin love, in small and large quantities

Penguin-themed bags for lovers in Medellín

Bolsas prediseñadas, ya marcadas listas para entregar, con motivos de fechas especiales y eventos. Ventas por pequeñas y grandes cantidades en Medellín


When a penguin falls in love, he looks for the most beautiful stone on the beach, shows it to the female and bows down, hoping that she will accept it. If she takes the stone, it means that a new couple has been born and they will be together forever.

Once a year they meet in the same place where the stone was delivered, what is called “wedding parade” each one memorizes the other's song so well that despite not seeing each other for months they manage to locate each other in the crowd.

When courtship occurs, the Male inflates his chest with his head back and both emit loud sounds for hours. These songs are popularly known as “the song of the heart.”

Mugs con temas de pingüinos para enamorados en Medellín

Galería de fotos artículos para novios y enamorados

Coming soon calendar of special dates in Colombia with pre-designs of penguins for these dates

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