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Advertising for vehicles (cars) on windshields with Microperforation in Medellín.
Micro-perforated vehicle decoration. Vehicle markings.
Microperforated for windows and bay windows

Advertising and decoration for vehicles on windshields, windows and stained glass with microperforation

More and more companies are making effective use of the potential their vehicles have as advertising media. They use micro-perforations in the windows to identify themselves, communicate messages and increase brand awareness. Echavarría Rúa Group offers solutions suitable for use in motorcycles, motorbikes, cars, campers, vans, trucks, vans, buses, busses...

Microperforated $130,000 vehicles
(0 to 6000 square cm)

Microperforados vehículos de $150.000
(6001 a 8000 cm cuadrados)

Microperforados vehículos de $170.000
(8001 a 10.000 cm cuadrados)

Microperforated windows and stained glass

Download here a quote for microperforated vehicles

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