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Professional advertising photography service for companies, products, spaces, social, book or model dossier in Medellín.

Professional business advertising photography service
in Medellin


Advertising photography

and product.

Achieve your goal, increase your sales, start making your business known, at Grupo Echavarría Rúa, you will achieve all the goals you dream of.

Fotografía para perfiles
de redes sociales,
firmas de correos 
electrónicos y carnets

Place email, Skype, and social media profiles in a very professional manner.


Photography for
social events

Photography and video for weddings, meetings, receptions, corporate events and parties, marriages, fifteen years and children's celebrations.

Our photographers analyze the best times of day based on your location to take advantage of the most favorable natural light.


Photography of spaces

and interiors

We take the best photographs of your premises, offices, facilities, properties... We photograph everything you need to highlight.

Our photographers analyze the best times of day based on your location to take advantage of the most favorable natural light.

Photographic book or dossier
for models or artists

The Photographic Book or Dossier of models, actors, actresses and artists is the equivalent of the brochures or catalogs that companies use to advertise their services and products... The Book is the letter of introduction of the models and actors.

A suitable Book is an invaluable work tool for models and actors because it clearly describes the physical profile of the protagonist while exalting his qualities and evidencing his photographic record.

In the case of the Performance Book, the registration photographs are prepared with the same criteria as those used in the Modeling Book:



Close-up of face, frontal.



* Rostro 3/4,
* Medio cuerpo o       plano americano 3/4.




entire frontal.



Lateral rear in American plane.

For the Modeling Book, it is advisable that, at a minimum, you have the following basic registration photos:

It is important to complement the registration photographs with two or up to four photos in which the actor or actress looks younger; and others (maximum two) in which they look older.

Como mínimo las  fotos básicas de

registro y jugar con la edad:

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su cotización fotografía

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trabajos fotográficos

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