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Consulting in sales, marketing, customer service, negotiation in Medellín.

Curso aplicado en herramientas de ventas, marketing, servicio al cliente y negociación durante el ciclo de ventas para aumentar la productividad.

This course aims to provide tools in four very important pillar areas in the daily activity of sales teams such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Negotiation.

These tools are the result of the experience obtained for more than 25 years in the commercial area in different cities of Colombia, combined with the theory obtained in the undergraduate university, Postgraduate MBA and teaching in areas such as:

  • sales management

  • Introduction to Marketing

  • marketing management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Negotiation

  • Customer service management

  • Administration 1, 2 and 3

  • Strategic Planning.

  • Internal control

All with one ultimate goal: To form highly productive sales teams.

Sales cycle

Etapas del Ciclo de ventas separadas en antes, durante y después de la actividad comercial

Theory, tools and workshops by stage of the sales cycle of the diploma

CV Diego A Echavarría V.

Entrepreneur and business consultant on topics of:

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service

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