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Pintores famosos de obras de arte:
Tere De Joya


Joya Tere

Antioquia artist who already has more than 50 exhibitions to his credit at a national and international level.

Wrapped in the middle of a dreamlike universe that only accepts the existence of beauty, harmony, sensuality, suggestion, and fantasy, “Reverie” bursts into view.

These works are inspired by poetry, literature, and especially by women, immersed in their masterful work, clean and alive like a fresh and crystalline spring that does not stop flowing to transport us to poetry, the most beautiful expression of their paintings, like an unfading musical tune that shakes every feeling", and adds that "it is a good time for universal art to have a teacher of so many carats born in the green mountains of Antioquia, darling of this beautiful Colombia, given to the world for inspiration , motivation and reference point for future generations.”

Warm colors, refined and poetic figures. Women with penetrating light eyes, women without time and without a country, because they could well be Europeans from the Middle Ages, or Orientals from the middle of the 19th century, or Sevillians from the last century.

Nostalgic, distant and suggestive women, lost in the middle of castles or enchanted forests that were configured in the perfect setting to portray these meditative women whose thoughts managed to disturb the observer, making them part of that phantasmagoria.

And a Tere D'Joya is unmistakable, those canvases on wood that portray those women with long necks, torsos and limbs, which evoke a little El Greco, with their elongated and dilated figures that manage to give a new reading of the figure. human and aesthetic, which managed to emphasize feminine sensuality and her corporality, muse of inspiration for humanity throughout its history.

la colombianita

la colombianita

Autor: Tere de Joya Técnica: Oleo sobre Lienzo medida: 60x140 Año: 2004 Valor: $7'000.000 Estado: en venta



Autor: Tere De Joya Técnica: Oleo sobre MDF medida: 70 X 86 cm Año: 2001 Valor: $4.000.000 Estado: en venta

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