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Famous painters of works of art:
Lucy Correa

Lucy Correa Famous Painter in Medellin Colombia

Lucy Correa, Painter and sculptor from Antioquia.

From a very young age, Lucy Correa, a sculptor from Antioquia, felt the need to give free rein to her creativity. His artistic qualities were undoubtedly inherited from his parents. His father was a journalist, writer, painter and adventurer; and his mother, a romantic poet of great sensitivity. His four brothers also gifted with artistic and expressive talents.

Abstracto - Obras de arte en Medellin

Abstracto - Obras de arte en Medellin

Autor: Lucy Correa Técnica: Óleo sobre lienzo Medida: 100 x 70 cm Año: - Valor: $2.500.000 Estado: en venta

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