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Famous painters of works of art:
Second Huertas

second huertas painter.jpg

Born in Piura Peru, linked to Huila for 20 years. He completed his higher studies at the Huila School of Arts 1982 - 1987.

His workshops have been in Engraving, Stained Glass, Lost Wax Bronze Sculpture, Iron Sculpture, Mask Workshop.

He began professionally as a scrap metal sculptor alongside Master Emiro Garzón. The first exhibition was made with scrap metal figures, one of which is in the USCO, Neiva - Huila. Professor of Art, "Tulia Rosa Espinosa" Institute, Neiva 1983 - 1985. Professor of artistic syntax, in the Performing Art program of the Higher School of Arts of Huila. Painting teacher at the Caja Nacional. In 1995, together with his wife Anyely Polania, he founded the "Huertas" Private Art Gallery.

Awards: AL SUR Sculpture Award. Neiva Ciudad Villamil Macroproject 2002. Selected at the Departmental Arts Meeting 2001; V Latin American Contemporary Painting Salon, Peru 1995; and Drawing, Peruvian North American Cultural Institute, Peru 1988. Third place Departmental Arts Hall ADIH 30 years 1989.



Autor: Segundo Huertas Técnica: Oleo sobre tela Año: - Medidas: 120cmx80cm Valor: $20.000.000 Estado: En Venta

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