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Famous painters of works of art:
Domenico Induno

Ritratto di Domenico Induno

Domenico Induno ( Milan , May 14, 1815 – Milan, November 5, 1878) was an Italian painter, although he originally worked as a blacksmith .

He was born and died in Milan. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera , in that same city, under the guidance of Luigi Sabatelli . He was a companion of Cherubino Cornienti , Giuseppe Mongeri , and Mauro Conconi . A few years later, Induno moved to Rome .

He tried repeatedly the schools of neoclassicism and romanticism , but finally turned to representing popular life in Milan. In 1848 he participated in the revolutions of 1848 , and had to seek asylum in Switzerland . He later moved to Tuscany , and did not return to his hometown until 1859.

His younger brother, Gerolamo Induno was also a painter. Domenico Induno married the sister of the Swiss painter Angelo Trezzini . He often made patriotic canvases, in a style that owes much to both Ingres and Francesco Hayez .

Domenico Induno

Domenico Induno

Autor: Domenico Induno Técnica: Oleo sobre lienzo Medida: 75cm x 63 cm Año: - Valor valor de la obra estimado por peritos en el 2013: € 136.500 euros Estado: en venta

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