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Bruno Amadio or Giovanni Bragolin
Famous painter of works of art
Replicas or copies of famous works through the ages

bruno-amadio-giovanni-bragolin-copies of

Bruno Amadio (Venice, Italy, January 15, 1911 - Padua, Italy, September 22, 1981), better known as Angelo (Giovanni) Bragolin, Franchot Seville, J. Bragolin (if the signature on his paintings is read wrong) or the Cursed Painter, was an Italian painter who settled in Spain after the Second World War. A series of twenty-seven portraits known as the Crying Children are attributed to him.

The black legend that surrounds him says that his paintings brought misfortune to those who owned them. However, they have been widely disseminated works, their reproductions being highly sought after in countries such as Spain or England.

Like other paintings, such as The Scream by Edvard Munch, the works of this painter have transcended the possible pictorial fact. The great expressiveness and symbolism they reflect, emanating from the author's sensitivity influenced by the social events of the moment , have led to the creation of fables that have never been corroborated.

Niño Llorón-Copia obras arte giovanni bragolin

Niño Llorón-Copia obras arte giovanni bragolin

Copia del Autor: Giovanni Bragolin Técnica: Impresión Italiana sobre lona laminada Medidas en cms:65cm x 84cm Año: Hace + de 50 años Valor: $300.000 (copia) Estado: EN VENTA Año: Hace + de 50 años

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