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Venta e instalación de  ALARMAS CONTRA
INCENDIOS en Medellín.

Venta, instalación de sistemas KIT ALARMAS de detección
de INCENDIOS y evacuación en Medellín.

  • Fire detection alarms SAVE LIVES and avoid great economic losses.

  • When the sensors detect the presence of smoke, they inform the alarm panel and it activates the sirens and sends text messages automatically.

  • The fire panel can monitor and control emergencies even before firefighters arrive.

  • The system allows quick identification of the area in which the alarm originated, since activation is carried out by zones.

  • The system allows alerts to be viewed on the LCD screen integrated into the alarm control panel.

  • This system uses wireless communication technology that allows for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Ideal for commercial premises, warehouses, factories, residential use, among others.

  • 1 year warranty.

  • TECHNICAL VISIT VALUE METROPOLITAN AREA $50,000, outskirts $70,000

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Payments to be made by clients will be made solely and exclusively in the Bancolombia savings account #1011 2526 777 owner Diego Alejandro Echavarria Velásquez identified with CC 71.728.218 of Medellín

  • Refrain from negotiating, delivering money, equipment or carrying out any type of transaction with technical personnel.

  • Quotes, collection accounts and other communications are always on letterhead with the company logo.

Fire and evacuation network operation kit

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