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Famous painters of works of art:
Rafael Saldarriaga

Rafael Saldarriaga pintor famoso.jpg

Antioquian artist, born in Medellín in 1955
Architect and urban planner from the Pontifical Bolivarian University, also a painter, he passed through the workshops of Libe de Zulategui.
Rafael Saldarriaga characterizes his work with still lifes that contain fruits, flowers and landscapes with primary colors, but each still life with any element has a background landscape as a sine qua non characteristic.
Saldarriaga has exhibited in the United States since his arrival in Miami in 1993, achieving great renown and recognition from international critics.
He lived in New Mexico and Aulay, until establishing his residence in the Big Apple, where he represents Antioquia and Colombian art.
Hydrangeas, roses, cartouches and oranges, all in the foreground and landscapes and horizons, are never lacking in his pictorial work.

Bodegon con Paisaje - Obras de Arte

Bodegon con Paisaje - Obras de Arte

Autor: RAFAEL SALDARRIAGA Técnica: Oleo sobre lienzo Medida: 130cm x 130cm Año: - Valor: $10.000.000 Estado: en venta

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