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Famous painters of works of art:
Luis Fernando Guzmán Torres


Luis Fernando Guzmán Torres, born in Bogotá- Colombia, is an artistic painter whose skill has been perfected over the years. He has complemented his talent with studies in watercolor and advertising design at the National University. Its versatility is reflected in the creation of various logos for different national and international brands.

In recent years, he has shared his passion as a plastic arts teacher for 7 years in different schools and institutions, dedicating himself to teaching children, young people and adults. Founder and project director of the JAC plastic arts academy in Bogotá Suba, he has contributed significantly to the cultural enrichment of the local community. His commitment to art and teaching has left an inspiring mark on those who have had the privilege of knowing his work and receiving his artistic guidance. He is currently focused on making hyper-realistic portraits and commissioned replicas of famous paintings.



Autor: Luis Fernando Guzmán Torres Técnica: Óleo sobre lienzo Medida: 53cm x 63cm Valor: $12.000.000

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