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Waze Ads (advertising, Ads) in Medellín

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1- Why advertise on Waze?

  • Reach out to nearby drivers .

  • Monitor in real time, as it is a digital application, you will know how many potential customers interacted with your ads.

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2- How do Waze ads work?

  • Tell us more about yourself: Indicate your type of business and your location and see how your ad looks in real time.

  • Define your monthly budget (from $400,000 depending on the type of ad)

  • Drivers see your ad, now they can get more information about your business by clicking on it.

3- Tipos de anuncios en Waze:

A continuación los tres tipos de anuncios en waze:

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Tipos de anuncios en waze medellin 5.jpg
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